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Welcome to my website. This is my first attempt at web authoring. I'm not using any fancy web authoring tool... just straight up HTML. If you have any critiques, I am *always* open to suggestions. Send me an e-mail and let me know. So, without further ado, let's get rolling.

The links on the left margin will take you to the content concerning a particular campaign. After navigating there, details of that campaign (session notes, maps, PC character sheets, etc.) will be navigable via links in the left margin. The top-most link in the left margin on every page is always "Home". That link takes you back here. The campaigns listed in the left margin on this page are done so in chronological order within each given region, listed as newest-first; oldest-last. The two "regions", as I call them, are where the games are/were hosted: here in our home in eastern Iowa, or in Tim's house in Illinois. A summary of each campaign is given in the paragraphs below.

One final note: I have put in links to viewable/editable files (e.g., jpg's, pdf's, Excel files, etc.). You can always right-click and choose "Save as..." if you would like to download the file to your machine. I'm guessing this would be the best thing to do for application-specific files like Excel spreadsheets. Happy browsing. Thanks again for reading.


Run Dates: February 2013 to present

GM: Ed

Summary: Evil is afoot as a necromancer is raising the dead for his personal army. To make matters worse, he is supposed to be dead. The party makes its way through twists and turns in a plot of intrigue mixed with ancient gods, powerful sorcery, and dead warriors that just won't stay dead. Add in that Mordenkainen himself is in the works, and you've got a dust-off-the-books-from- college-and-play-it-like-we-did-when-we-were-young game, played with the AD&D 2nd edition rules.


Run Dates: Arrrrr!!! (February 2011) to Arrrr!!! (December 2012)

GM: Pirate Burt the Badly Burnt (Jim)

Summary: It's the Age of Sail in this 16th century campaign. The historical political entities are present (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese), but the physical world is fictitious. The party is a band of pirates privateers trying to make their fortune on the high seas. Woven throughout the fabric of the campaign is a dark voodoo element that has the party trying to prevent an otherworldly being from gaining strength and coming into the world to wreak havoc (nobody messes with our victims business associates!). This campaign was played using GURPS 3rd edition rules.

Sidhe Artifacts

Run Dates: September 2010 to present

GM: me

Summary: A cure for the malady afflicting the Sidhe has been discovered by the party with a modest amount of help from the priests of the Temple of Peronom. With the Sidhe slowly returning to Arnur Soghal, the party decides to recover the fabled 9 Items of Power: ancient and powerful relics crafted centuries past for the then-king Seomas, ruler of the Sidhe 400 years ago. This is a fantasy campaign that takes place on the continent of Arnur Soghal (a homebrew setting created by my good friends in Illinois), using GURPS 4th edition rules. The players are a core group from the party that played out the "Plight of the Sidhe" campaign (see below) plus a couple of new faces. Similarly, the storyline, setting, and timeline of this campaign pick up where "Plight of the Sidhe" left off.

'Tween Meanders

Run Dates: August 2009 to August 2010

GM: Jim

Summary: Ever wonder what it's like to play the bad guys? Welcome to 'Tween Meanders, a fantasy setting placed in the homebrew continent of Arnur Soghal. This story is centered around a few rival dragons that use the "lesser races" as pawns in their turf wars. That's where we come in. Comprised of dark elves, giants, half-ogres, quicklings, and orcs, the party ekes out its meager existence at the beck and call of a dragon named Lady Red with the hopes of being rewarded richly for our devote service. All the while, the party has to dodge angry mobs of humans who seem to be bent on blaming every social disorder and killing of a noble on us. Bother. This campaign was played using GURPS 3rd edition rules.

Legendary Britannia

Run Dates: April 2009 to February 2010

GM: Jenni

Summary: This is a historical fantasy campaign set in Britannia, 480 AD. Uther Pendragon has recently died and his son, Arthur, is about to be coronated. The story starts with members of the adventuring party individually gravitating to Caer Leon where a meeting of Briton feudal lords has convened to discuss the prospect of everyone recognizing this welp as their new high king. The campaign is set within the Dark Ages (original) variant of the Arthurian legend, not the Middle Ages version with Guinevere, Lancelot, and that nasty business of a love triangle (makes sense that it was written by the French, no?). The party discovers that Arthur and the land are one, the Fay exist, druidic magic is very real, and nothing looks as good as a Saxon head on a pike. This campaign used the GURPS 4th edition rules.

Ice Queen Revisited

Run Dates: September 2008 to April 2009

GM: Jim

Summary: under construction

Duchess Laurellyn

Run Dates: October 2007 to December 2007

GM: Jim

Summary: under construction

Onair Sea

Run Dates: February 2007 to October 2007

GM: Tim and Jim

Summary: under construction

Plight of the Sidhe

Run Dates: October 2006 to March 2008

GM: me

Summary: under construction

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